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MobKit's Characteristics

Because your mobile SDK will be utilized outside of your organization, it must be useful to other organizations and their developers.

This value is contingent on your SDK having the following features:

  • Other developers find it simple to utilize.
  • Comprehensive documentation that explains how your code works.
  • It has enough capability to offer value to other apps.
  • Has no detrimental influence on the CPU, battery, or data usage of a mobile device.
  • Compatible with different SDKs in short, it must function.

How Can a Mobile SDK Help Your Business?

Quicker Integration
Shorter Sales Cycles
Efficient Development
Faster Deployment
Great Product + SDK
Quicker Integration
Shorter Sales Cycles
Efficient Development
Faster Deployment
Great Product + SDK
Brand Control
Mitigated Risks
Documentation for Developers

Developer-friendly SDK

When it comes to developing mobile apps, speed is everything, and mobile SDKs are created for that. It costs time and slows down the development process to redirect customers from your application to other outside services.

With this in mind, MobKit is designed to be complete, with all feature and resource integration needs to be included into the SDK.

MobKit Components

01.App Security
With simple functionality, you can take your app's security to the next level.
02. Account Security
Secure user accounts using biometric authentication and store user data in timed caches.
03. Secure Network
Advanced network communication security. Create your API following the provided guidelines, and you'll have your own "Client SDK" that handles everything in terms of security for you.
04. UI Components
Your UI development is now lot faster thanks to built-in custom components. You may browse a list of your most often performed tasks and, as a result, personalize your dashboard, menu, or interface to meet your specific requirements.
05. State Machine
Building forms and validation no longer requires much work.

With arithmetic and logical rules, create sophisticated branching logic. Nest rules, connect fields, and create a world-class mobile form experience.
06. Pin Locator
Map components such as customisable pins, detail views, and route choices are available. A banking app should include this functionality, which allows you to easily identify banks and ATMs based on their current GPS position or a search tool.
07. One Link
Instead of having numerous links for the same software, share a single short link and we'll handle the rest; consumers are instantly routed based on their device. One link to manage screens for deep linking, push notifications, 3D touch actions, and other features.
08. Error Kit
A fresh viewpoint on the issues that users are encountering with your application. With inbuilt analytics and crashlytics, ErrorKit alerts you to networking, serialization, and crash issues in your application..

* Basic features and pro features available on request.