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Creating mobile solutions in-store & remote payments

From retail giants to small chain clients, we are aiming to improve customer experience. Our focus is on mobile channel enablement and creating a one-to-one communication channel. We excel at creating mobile solutions with POS & CRM integrations, beacons, geofencing solutions as well as in-store & remote payments.

May the challenge be enhancing customer experience, increasing sales, or decreasing service costs, mobile as an order management channel is an ideal solution for it. Our solutions are already integrated with mobile payment tools that can be vertically integrated into different retail businesses. Your customers or employees can view the complete product /service catalog on their mobile device, order, and accept payments instantly without waiting in a queue.
Order Management Solutions

Accept payments instantly without waiting in a queue

crm & loyalty solutions

Harvest the opportunity

Collecting customer consented data and behavior at every interaction are becoming ever more important in the competition as a differentiator. As your customers live and breathe mobile, your business should harvest this opportunity. Whether you have already deployed CRM and/or loyalty solutions or investigating an investment, we are here to craft a strategy and deploy easily built & scalable mobile solutions.
Whether you have a physical store or not, location is one of the key pieces of information to understand your customers’ context. Needless to say, context may reveal new sales opportunities or open up a more intimate engagement with your customers. May the requirement be just communication trigger, deal and offer management or micro-location tracking with beacons, our customizable and robust solutions can more than match it.
location-based solutions

Reveal new sales opportunities

payment solutions

Integrating a seamless payment flow

The payments are the climax of the sales process, and not-a- single-business can ignore the customer experience at that level. Integrating a seamless payment flow in your mobile offering is a significant factor for conversion and this is what our products are designed for.

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