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Meet the digital expectations of your users

Since the energy sector is one of the sectors that made a late entrance into the digital transformation it requires extra concentration and accumulation of knowledge to catch up with the age. Dealing with physical infrastructure and deployment problems, these structures find it difficult to meet the digital expectations of their users.

When working with energy giants such as İGDAŞ and ENERJiSA, the first thing we encountered was the lack of digital subscription services. Understanding the needs and priorities of their users on this subject was our first task. Accordingly, technological infrastructure and transformation solutions are the most important tasks. Big digital conversions that you execute without listening to your customers can be a waste of time. Therefore, it is essential to design the process with a UX company and test it with real users, then plan the technology improvements.
Subscription Processes

Transformation solutions are the most important tasks


Customer’s spending habits in payments

Payment methods are Mobven’s major areas of expertise, both on the web and on mobile. The soundness of the payments made on this subject should be informed wisely from the moment the invoice occurs.

Technology solutions considering the user, such as dividing the bill increases made in certain periods by other months and giving information about the customer’s spending habits in payments should be delivered.

Energy is a need and its costs are always of interest to users. It is possible to digitally reduce the dissatisfaction of customers who are deprived of such a mandatory need as a result of technical failures.

The best way is to inform the customers about the failures beforehand of the complaints or receive complaints digitally before they reach the social media or the call center thus making the customers feel special. This process can be automated and can increase satisfaction by up to 40%.

Gathering feedback about technical personnel, and contacting the customer in the subscription process provides great content and practicality for the inspection systems and for the company.

Customer Satisfaction SOLUTIONS

Digitally reduce the dissatisfaction of customers

Technical Personnel Applications SOLUTIONS

Transactions instantly and intervene when necessary

Many processes in the energy sector, such as subscription, service start-up, or shutdown, are managed by mobile devices at the hands of technical personnel and by management panels at the headquarters. The operations here must be errorless and can be updated.

Short appointment processes need to be easily entered or withdrawn from the headquarter. The interfaces should be perfected according to the feedback of the technical personnel.

In the headquarters, the managers should be able to follow the technical team and their subscription transactions instantly and intervene when necessary. The design-software collaboration regarding this subject improves automation as well as simplifies work. Many unnecessary functions can be improved with simplifications.


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