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ENERJİSA is one of the leading energy companies in Turkey. We developed 14 products that used by 8 million users for different platforms. When we met ENERJİSA, they had many projects that developed by different software companies.

The system was quite complex and a lot of different architecture and language were used. Acknowledging the importance of standardization, ENERJİSA chose Mobven.

We organized full stack teams for projects and we took over different codes from very different projects. At least, we improved all their projects and created a living & integrated system.

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Online Appointment

When Enerjisa decided to improve its online appointment processes, it asked for fixing some of the problems which are outside of today’s digital solutions. For both the web and mobile, we’ve introduced and designed a whole new way of thinking making sure that the user is always in the process and is sure of what they are doing.

Digital Subscription

Enerjisa developed online subscription and unsubscription processes with Mobven for the first time. With our previous subscription experience in the energy sector, we designed clear, understandable, and immediate unsubscription processes. In such a complex and digital environment that makes the users afraid of unsubscription, we have created a guiding, relaxing, and fluent design language. In fact, upon the appreciation of the new concept, all online transactions were instrumental in an additional design process that was also reflected on the screens.

Real Estate Expropriation

The platform for internal monitoring of expropriation works in the areas where energy lines will pass through has been redesigned.

At the end of the interviews with the users, a wireframe prototype was created by producing special solutions, and tests were performed on this prototype.