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Turkish Airlines

We undertook to rebuild Turkish Airlines’ flagship app from ground 0 for smartphones and tablets with an ambitious time-frame and extended feature set. Agile methodologies implemented on-site to meet targets.

Turkish Airlines has been working with one of the most prominent mobile development companies for some time and when they looked for a change we were one of the few candidates which could replace it. When we signed the deal for their flagship app, we knew that the challenge ahead was enormous: we had to develop one of the most complicated apps from scratch and we had to make it better than before; on top of that Turkish Airlines had a ton of new features to add with a very aggressive timetable.

We chose to develop on-site, asked for Turkish Airlines personnel to join the team for improved communication & problem solving and implement agile methodologies. We were able to turn this huge challenge into a success.

While developing the commercial mobile application, it is written with modular coding considering the retail banking application which will be rewritten in the next step. Thus a great benefit is achieved since a large part of the effort spent for this application also includes the individual mobile application to be written.

We have also successfully completed AnadoluJet mobile application design.

The key highlights we are proud of Altın Örümcek Best Mobile App Prize, +5 million users, and +4 million tickets were sold in 2018.

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In our 4-year design relationship with Turkish Airlines, first of all the screens of the main application were redesigned. Approximately 500 screens have been redesigned and implemented and are still in progress.

Beginning from the second year, 18 of the in-house applications were redesigned. These include Turkish Airlines’ own application market and UP, ACARS, IRROPS, all Cress applications, DDMS, ATOM, ATC, Webpass, BID, KİM BİLİR are some of them.