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Momentum Suite for Beginners

Today I will introduce Momentum Suite and its modules and then I will describe how to use automated modules in detail for new users and beginners.

What is Momentum Suite and why do we use it?

Momentum Suite has 3 modules to create and run end-to-end test scenarios. The remote device module has the control panel dashboard which gives access to 100+ real devices. Functional testing with Momentum BetaTestingis user-friendly with shake and share, screen sharing, and screenwriting for the most comfortable use cases. Momentum Suite Automate module is a functional effective test automation system with a simple, usable interface. It allows you to run manual tests using real devices and browsers. It supports Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Python software languages while simultaneously compiling code written in different languages at the same time, combining it into a single point and showing the results of two tests on a common screen.

How to use Momentum Suite?

Users can start by logging in. After login, the dashboard screen opens.

By clicking the ‘Add widget’ button on the dashboard screen; platforms, testers, most used device, project details, etc. ensure that the desired data is accessed according to the user’s choice. Momentum suite supports iOS, Android, web, desktop, API, and cross platforms.

Project details are accessed by clicking on the project selected by the user. On the test runs screen, new tests are created with the create new test button. By naming the test, the start button is clicked. Select Sections or cases. The test run starts with the ‘Run Test’ button by setting the time and selecting the available device. If the user wants, they can save the test run for later. The processes of the test appear on the test run screen. When the test run is finished, the results are reached with the view result button.

On the case management screen, test scenarios are created to be used in the application. The automation type, software language, and framework are selected by clicking the ‘Add case’ button. The Momentum Suite supports different software languages, so cases are written do not have to be in the same software languages. As an example, the user can write a case using Java and the other case using JavaScript. For adding steps the user has 2 options which are writing your own scripts by pressing Add Step button or recording your steps by pressing Open Device and recording the steps.

By clicking the ‘Open device’ button, the device to be used in the test is selected. The test runs simultaneously on the selected real device. In the reports screen, test reports can be accessed in PDF format.

As a result, Momentum Suite is an automation system that supports 5 different software languages and supports all other platforms at the same time with a simple, usable interface that includes features such as remote device, beta testing, and effective test on real devices and browsers.

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