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Since its inception, Denizbank has made significant investments in technology, R&D, and innovation, has been named the “Most Innovative Bank of the World” multiple times in the United States and Europe, and has integrated all areas of physical or digital contact with customers through a “phygital” strategy.

For Denizbank’s internal sales teams, we created the ‘Kutup Yıldız’ initiative. Mobven handled the entire project from start to finish. With the fastpay initiative, we maintained our collaboration with Denizbank. In this case, a digital wallet application has been created in collaboration with other Technology partners.

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Kutup Yıldızı

The bank approached us to create ‘The Kutup Yıldız’ initiative, an application that would help Denizbank employees to better manage and execute activities like client acquisition, product sales, and staff performance tracking.

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Customer tracking on a live map with push notifications of nearby customers
  • Portfolio managers’ performance data
  • Customer product tracking


FastPay was another success story! A collaboration with other technology companies to create Türkiye’s first Digital wallet for Denizbank clients.

The bank approached us about developing the FastPay Digital Wallet, an application that would assist Denizbank clients with a variety of financial chores, including paying bills, obtaining loans, and even sending money to other mobile customers. Customers may also withdraw money from ATMs using this Digital Wallet.