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The bank wanted to offer its clients an application with saving concept. At this stage, we developed Money-Box application that provides ING clients with an opportunity to save money through the prepaid card infrastructure.

Our application not only motivates the users to save money but also allows the contribution of their family members and friends so that the clients can reach their targets in an easier way. The clients who achieve their targets may break their Money-Box and use the money accumulated in their prepaid cards for their expenditures.

There are limited saving products available, especially at micro-level and having insight on customers’ aspirations is a vast advantage such as convenient, impulsive, fun & gamified, social (with friends & family) and for social causes, enabling savings bit by bit, saving product offers, loan product offers, 3rd party deals for most popular goals, pension plan offers.

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Create a piggy bank by setting your goal

Share your brand new goal with your friends on Facebook and let them support you in saving for your goal.

  • Pick savings category (E.g. Wedding, Education, Holiday…)
  • Name the goal (E.g. Concert Ticket, Bali Trip…)
  • Put amount needed (E.g. $1.000, €3.200, £2.000, etc.)
  • Set the target deadline (Tomorrow, 17.01.2017, etc.)

Into the circle to fill up your piggy bank

Hold and drag the desired amount of money into the circle to fill up your piggy bank. The savings amount will be updated right away:

  • Goal: PlayStation 4
  • Current savings: 850 TL
  • Targeted amount: 1200 TL

Select your sacrifice category.

After putting the money in your piggy bank, you may select your sacrifice category.. The data will be visualized and you can track what you sacrificed to reach your goal.

Preferred to go to the campus by bus instead of taking a taxi.
I have saved 50 TL

Daily summary and savings
goal participants
Sacrifice graphs
and special offers
Check the participants and see
who is the SuperSaver